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I'm SOOOOO excited about the new season of True Blood! I just HAD to put this on my body...

This Sailer Jerry inspired back tattoo is something I've been wanting to experiment with for a long time. The sheer size of the piece alone is impressive, but I'm really happy with how well the details and tattoo "realism" comes across. Application time was about 20mins. Great time for a tat this size.

This shot festures one of my newest Sailor Jerry inspired hand painted faux tattoo designs. The Peacock is shown here in black. The details in this design lend to the tattoo "realism" I always strive for. Application time is about 15 mins.

This is a detail shot of the leg areas. For this shoot, I wanted to focus on symmetry in the overall placement of the tattoos, while playing with various tattoo styles and placing them in an eyecatching yet cohesive manner. The Japanese floral crests are featured elemets in this shot.

Temporary Ink

In this shot we have Krystall showing the latest Sailor Jerry inspired tattoo. The Jaguar. This happens to be my favorite, right down to his spots.

Temporary Ink

Details of the tats on Krystall's legs, including Sailor Jerry Inspired dagger, Sailor Jerry inspired Black Panther, Sailor Jerry inspired Winged Dragon, and Japanese floral crests. Emphasis was put on placement as well as tattoo style in this series.

Temporary Ink

Model: Krystall Schott

Model: Krystall Schott

Rebel Without A Cause

Rebel Without A Cause

This is The Look Factory. We make concepts into reality...

Makeup, body art, costuming and photography @thelookfactory

A little about me

Gwen5x74I'm Gwen! I'm a freelance makeup & body artist, and costumer in Los Angeles. The Look Factory, is located on a back lot, is where I research and develop looks for photo shoots, auditions, events, whatever may come. From sets, and props to makeup and temporary tattoos... I help make the Look happen.

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